Meet Our Teachers


Vinyasa Flow

As a yoga teacher my goal is to create a space where students can explore and experience the practice of yoga to peel back the layers to reveal a whole, strong, and authentic self.


Hatha & Restorative

I design my classes to foster a sense of internal steadiness and connection to the many ways in which we are strong. I see the mat as a microcosm where each posture, transition, and breath is an opportunity to practice principles that benefit both the individual and the larger world.


Hatha Flow

I want to share with my students how yoga and simple breathing can improve the health and wellness of everyone regardless of their yoga experience, flexibility, or fitness level.



My goal as a teacher is to assist students to feel empowered and to experience their natural state of happiness, freedom, and joy.


Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

I believe slow, steady and strong describe my classes. Yoga is a way to observe our personal patterns, whether physically or psychologically, and to create a space to understand cause and effect, to choose differently if we would like, and to be kind to ourselves.


Mellow Vinyasa & Restorative

I create classes that allow space for exploration of your limits, a sense of play, a sense of calm and overall a safe space to come to your mat and reconnect with your mind and body.


Vinyasa, Restorative & Satya

In my teaching I lyrically guide one to merge the poetry of the movement with the elements around us, to merge the ethereal with the physical, subconscious with the conscious, and awakening into our soft power.


Vinyasa & Somatic Movement

I seamlessly weave together Eastern Yogic Philosophy with Western Psychology to curate an embodied experience on the mat through the physical, psychological, and spiritual to awaken the intuitive wisdom within our hearts.


Studio Policies & Etiquette

All Classes:

  • Class Cancellation Policy:

    • Can’t make it to class? Please cancel your reservation online 2 hours* prior to the start of class. If you do not cancel prior to this timeframe, we will deduct a class from your class pack or charge $10 if you're on an unlimited plan.

      • *Please note which classes require a 12 hour advance cancellation:

        • Tuesdays 6:30pm Mindful Vinyasa

        • Saturdays 10:30am Hatha Flow

        • Sundays 9:30am Mindful Vinyasa

        • Sundays 11am Mindful Vinyasa

  • You can manage your own registration. It really helps us out. It’s easy through the free Mindbody App or on the Website!

  • Please be on time to class.

  • Check to make sure your phone is on silent, Do Not Disturb or turned off to avoid any ringing or beeping during class. (For livestream classes, you can keep your microphone muted so it won't disturb the class, but it's still nice to not let your phone disrupt you if possible)


  • Know your own limits. We encourage you to practice safely and let us know if you have any injuries, limitations, or any personal concerns. 


In Studio Classes:


  • Arrive early enough so you have enough time to check in at the front desk, find a space for your yoga mat and props, and guarantee your space in class.

    • This also allows you time to address any questions or concerns with your teacher before class.

  • Leave your shoes in the hallway entrance area. The rest of your belongings can be stored in cubbies in the lobby. The lobby is locked during class



  • Avoid wearing heavy perfumes or scents that others may be sensitive to while practicing yoga, this includes the smell of tobacco and alcohol.

Online/Livestream Classes:


  • You will receive an email 15-20 mmintues before class starts with a link to class.

    • If you have note received it and there is less than 10 minutes until class, please contact us.

    • If you sign up less that 15 minutes before class starts, please wait until 5 minutes before class starts before contacting us.

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins to get settled and say hi!

  • If possible, join the class with both video and audio on, you can always turn your video off later if you want.



Single & Multi-Class Packs

New Student Special: Buy 1, Get 1 Free!....$20

(One time, per student, free class does not expire)

Single Visit........................................... $20

5 Class Pack.......................................... $95 

($19 per class, 12 month expiration from date of visit)


10 Class Pack........................................$180

($18 per class, 12 month expiration from date of visit)

20 Class Pack........................................$320 

($16 per class, 12 month expiration from date of visit)


*Class packs may be shared with another student

Monthly Memberships

Monthly Unlimited - 1 Month.....................$150

Monthly Unlimited - 3 Months................... $420 

(Upfront Cost. Equals $140 per month)

Monthly Unlimited - 6 Months....................$780 

(Upfront Cost. Equals $130 per month)

Monthly Unlimited - 1 Year....................... $1440

(Upfront Cost. Equals $120 per month)

Monthly Unlimited Auto-payments............... $110 

($110 per month automatic payments, 12-Month Commitment)


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